The Salt of the Earth

Isaiah, son of Amoz

If the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be salted again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

Text: Elvis Duspara

Jesus says that Christians are the salt of the earth! Furthermore he says that if the salt loses its saltiness it is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.
When people hear the word “salt” then most of them think that it is only a flavor to food. Of course, the salt are the Christians who give taste to this world. If the food after adding salt remains bland what else should we do but throw away the salt?
I’m not sure how many Christians seriously perceive these words of Jesus but I’m sure that if by some miracle salt could lose its properties that people would reach out for pepper, cayenne pepper, some Indian spices… in other words – people would be looking for ways to flavor their food. Some would even get used to eating bland food.

There are those who claim to be salt, but are no salt at all. They are those who give up their faith in Jesus Christ and mix with those who call on spirits, go to fortune tellers, engage in yoga, Reiki,… all that by what our God is disgusted. Such ones try to convince those who really are Salt that every spice is equal. Everyone knows that this is not true, but try to explain this to someone who is under the control of the Spirit of Assisi. They do not really care about salt, rather they try to make some kind of a spicy mixture with no clear ingredients. Jesus clearly states what happens to the salt that becomes bland.
Those who like bland food, are bothered by salt. To make it clear, bland food is a world without God. There are atheists who claim that the world is better without salt. Atheism is by its true nature morally evil, says Benedict XVI. The fact that I know very good people who declare themselves as atheists is another story. They just think they are atheists. But they, actually, are not because atheism as an ideology is pure Satanism. You know what Satan said to Eve about 6,000 years ago? The same snake is telling us today: “You will be gods!” And what does the salt do? The salt does not dare to say that atheism is evil and that an atheist cannot do good works. If you do good works, then you are no longer an atheist.
When I hear someone claiming that atheists will be saved, I am totally confused. How can an atheist be saved? Because of his good works? But what are the good works of an atheist? Again to clarify – many Christians do not live up to what they profess, which prevents them from being holy and the same way many atheists do not live up to what they profess and that prevents them from being monsters.
The Holy Scriptures clearly state that there is no salvation but through Jesus Christ for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind for salvation. Tough speech, but it is written!
Those who deny the bearer of morality and the Law that He established have no point of reference for what is good and what is evil. Unlike atheists, Christians who are the salt of the earth know very well who the author of morality is.
For example, if you want something immoral to become moral it would be enough to let the immoral ones to come to power and to let them establish their immoral laws. The salt of the earth, or in other words – the Christians, know that the author of the morals is The Father and Creator who is the absolute and sovereign ruler of all things created, visible and invisible. He himself says in the book of Malachi that He does not change, which means that He does not change His Law or regulations.
In the past when there were no refrigerators, one of the functions of the salt has been, and still is, to prevent the food from decay. If it was not for the salt, many would not have survived and would have died starving.
If there were no Christians, the world would fall apart. Everywhere would be rot. Sin would completely take over and the smell would spread in all directions. I don’t know about others, but I take my Jesus seriously when he says: “If the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be salted again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”
There is another feature of salt … Salt is irritant. You do not believe me? Try to put salt on a wound. This is also a function of salt.

If I do not bother or irritate anyone, what kind of salt am I? One is after whores but I tell him that God does not approve of that and that I do not want to take part. One curses God, and I say that because of that he goes to hell. One wears a five-pointed star and I say it’s a sign of Satan. One praises the spirit of Assisi, and I say that it is a demon. One claims that a rock itself came to life and turned into apes that then turned into man, and I say that I am created in the image of Almighty God and that I’m not related to some stone or monkey. One calls me brother, and I say to him that my brother is the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven…
Talking about salt – it has its functions, but all alone by itself it does not look like a desirable dish. If anyone does not believe me, deny me and eat a plate of pure salt without anything else.
Salt in its elemental form is not edible and whoever looks at it sees only its whiteness and knows what it is like. It is not mud. It is salt. I wonder what Christians look like to non-Christians watching them? Do they see salt or mud? I admit that I would never like to be mud. Mud is for the pigs to wallow. I still have not seen a pig wallowing in salt.
In the end, it is up to everyone to choose if they want to be the salt of this world or some kind of a bland mass trampled underfoot by heathens.